Session 1: Detainment and Degradation

DM Notes

John: 2.2
Tom: 2.2
Sigurd: 2.2
Jaenara: 2.2
Tove: 2.2

Two prison cells lined the sides of the room. One cell contained a large, chiseled, northerner. Next to him was a rather slender, dark haired man with eyes betraying many more years than his face. Included among them was a somewhat unkempt dwarven man with sandy hair and beard. Finally amongst them stood a petite, dark-haired elven woman with exceptionally fair skin and the look of the wild. For all their differences, what they had in common was that they all looked severely beaten, and they were stripped of all their clothes and other personal belongings. In exchange for their things, a single numbered key had been tied to each of their arms.

Outside of the cell could be seen a single skeleton sentry and another cage. Inside that cage stood another man; who while stripped as those in the primary cage, he lacked all the other signs of physical trauma across their bodies.

While raising questions for all, the dwarf, who identified himself as Thomas Weld, humble servant of Zilchus, seemed to study the man in the opposing cell much more intently.

The northerner, Sigurd, in an attempt to learn more about their predicament explained that he had been jumped in an alleyway for what he first thought was gambling money. He questioned the fellow prisoners about a man named Erlend with hope in his voice, but it was to no avail. The prisoners claimed no knowledge for him on the matter.

The elven woman, Jaenara, said that she too was looking for someone. She had been searching for her sister in the forest around Pelson when she tracked suspicious figures to a teleportation circle. On the other side, she found herself quickly apprehended and delivered to what she now understands to be a prison in Sum.

Weak from his apparent beating, John Doe did not care to share any details of himself, or his capture.

After a few moments of discussion, a black-haired woman approached the prisoner in the solitary cage. She handed him something as he asked, “Why are you helping me?” Without her speaking, the man seemed as if he were both listening intently and satisfied with her response.

The lone man identified himself to the other prisoners as Tove, and the woman that came in as Tia Vancer. He tried to explain that the people who had captured them had originally thought him to be a friend, but they decided that ultimately he was not like them and he must be imprisoned. Tove explained that he had seen much of the hideout and he knew where their belongings were being kept. Additionally, Tia had just given him a set of lock picks and told him a time frame that the group would be gone to meet an important figure know as The Physician. However, Tove wasn’t confident in his ability to use the picks and sought help from the larger group.

When Tove explained that it was time, he tossed the picks across the room. Jaenara snatched them from the air and with a quick flick of the wrist the cell door flew open. The deathly still skeleton sprung to life and charged towards the open door stabbing at the prisoners in the open cell. Sigurd rushed the animated bones and slammed them against Tove’s still locked cage.

Tove clawed and threw blasts of energy from his fingers as Sigurd put his fist through the face of the initial guard. After taking down the two undead guards and unlocking the second cell. The group took the weapons from the twice fallen foes and moved through the hideout.

Tove did guide the group accurately through the rooms and halls and into a secret chamber that contained lockers with their personal effects. Along the way, there were many more undead fiends to block the travel of the naked and barely armed escapees. Some skeletons made of fire, some with extra arms and claws. After several bloody battles and finally acquiring supplies, Tom and John Doe were then able heal their badly beaten accomplices.

The group collected various forms of art and documentation about the personal affairs of several well known politicians, but they didn’t want to spend much time in such a deadly place, and they made a bee line for where Tove described an exit. Along the way they encountered more skeletons, one much larger with massive horns.

Seeing the exit and feeling the rush of excitement, or perhaps the loss of blood, the group decided to explore one of the unknown doors close to the exit. Behind it they found all type of clothing and armor; it varied on a rack like one might expect backstage at a theatre.

Continuing on the next room they saw a door with a peep hole two suits of heavy armor. The armor however, was yet more mindless guards left to protect the home while the guild was away. The thick metal suits beat several of the thieves unconscious, but through a concerted effort of healing and carrying fallen comrades, the group was able to make their way back to the exit they had discovered.

Bloodied, barely standing, and carrying what they hoped to be Jaenara and Tove’s still breathing bodies, Tom, John, and Sigurd found themselves coming though a secret door of a warehouse; one that contained several workers doing their best to act as if nothing odd was happening.


Sitri Sitri

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