session 1: Jaenara's thoughts

Where could she be? Its not like her to leave for so long. Did someone harm her? I need to find out – she is my everything!!
Maybe someone in town knows? I will spy on and follow some of the patrols guarding the border.

While out on rounds I see 2 men acting a bit suspect and follow them. I see them enter a teleportation circle in the northern woods of my territory. Blinded by my longing to find out anything about her, I follow them. This proved to be even worse than expected. I found myself snatched and beaten. When I woke, I was in a cell with a few others completely naked. This is a state I don’t normally mind being in, but usually it is my doing! What is this? Who are these people? Why am i here with them??

The others are naked as well… a quick look seems to prove a dwarf named Tom to be the manliest (if you know what I mean <wink>). He seems a nice fellow as do the others at first.
John seems to be in the worst condition of us all. He barely speaks while we introduce ourselves. He huddles in his corner and hardly moves.
Sigurd, a large barbarian type is hard to keep my eyes away from although his stature, and build is somewhat intimidating. At times, I try to steal glances of him and have often caught him doing the same.
Tove is in a cell by himself. He appears to be human from what I can gather. Oddly, he seems to have been spared the brutality we others have faced.
We are an odd group to round up, however we did have one thing in common. Tied to our wrists were keys with numbers on them. We could not make a connection to anything or any lock in the room, so we knew they had to come in handy later??

At the end of our cages a skeleton stands guard, while he does not move, we fear he is not just an ornament.
a woman walks in and whispers to Tove as she hands him something. She quickly leaves. We must have all and the same inquisitive looks on our faces, as he quickly offers an explanation. He states he entered the area under “friendly” terms, but as our hosts went through the day, their minds had been swayed into believing him to be a traitor. The woman was identified as Tia, a member of the clan. She told him that the clan would be leaving for an hour and aided his escape by providing tools to pick his lock. She must not have known him well as he had no idea how to use them! What a silly goose!! I told him that he if he allowed me to open my gate, i would free him as well. Mention of another “the professor” is heard and Tom seems to know something about this person.
Tove quickly throws over the tools. I had to show off a bit…i mean really…how can you not know how to open lock!
As I open the door with ease, the skeleton “comes to life” and charges the gates we are in. As we fend him off and I notice that Tove doesn’t fight quite right for a human. His use of his hands are somewhat beastly. Good thing as another skeleton comes at us. As we fight it off Tom takes a look around the corner. Something must have scared him as he came running back to the room like a scared little child.

Once the skeletons are defeated I unlock Tove as promised, and after we gather what gear we can scrounge from them, we make our way to find an exit. Tove seemed to know his way around well as he navigated us around the compound. We go through several rooms and are able to come across a dining room with 3 powerful skeletons (one flaming and 2 others). They were formidable foes, but then again, we were still naked!! Had we had our gear they wouldn’t have stood a chance. With them out of the way , we stabilize our fallen and collect more of their gear.
Tom must be having one hell of a party soon as he took a bunch of plates and silverware. We continue on to what appears to be a study. What is this?? 4 arms and no sense! My what strange creatures they have in here. Defeat of this creature did not come quickly. Although, it seems like we were more easily taken out. several of us fell but were quick to get back on their feet. after defeating this creature he spent a bit of time looking around.
I’m noticing my new friends seem to like to take things that don’t belong to them. Weapons while naked is understandable but dishes and now tapestries and documents?
A secret door led to a shrine and beyond that we are led to a room that contained lockers. The locker numbers matched the keys we wore. We all took the time to don our gear and heal ourselves.
After dressing and feeling a whole bunch better, We were led into a lounge containing a minotaur skeleton who greeted us unkindly. We certainly couldn’t let him live after that!

What a day…and what were we thinking? We had a way out…a clear path.. and what did we want to do…explore!! As we left, we decided to take a look into a room none of us had been in. This proved to be a mistake. We walked into a shit storm! 2 suits of armor became animated and attacked. Good thing my new friend know when to bail as I would have kept fighting to the death, which was almost the case. I went unconscious as i felt the grasp of someone pulling me out of harms way. Could it be my strong barbarian?


Sitri Kaja00026

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