Deso Ratisa


Was part of Sigurd Bearson‘s flight in a former battle. While now quite maimed, he still has much respect for his brother in arms. What he now lacks in physical ability he tries to make up for in effort. After meeting Sigurd in the Dragon’s Den, he provided information about the city and pledged to help his former brother in arms.


Deso the Maimed Soldier Companion (3 injury boxes)
Tactical Shot (1/Encounter). Give a character advantage on their next attack against target creature without cover that is within 10’ to 80’ of you. This may be used even if it isn’t your turn.
Redeeming Strike. Deso can spend inspiration when you successfully attack a creature in melee. Add an extra 1d6 piercing damage to that attack. This damage goes up by 1d6 for every odd level gain after first.
Die with Purpose (1/day). If Deso is loyal, he will throw himself in front of a deadly blow. If you would be knocked unconscious by a weapon attack, ignore that damage. Instead Deso takes an injury as if you dropped to 0 hp from an AoE equal to the damage dealt.

Deso must 5’ drag anything over 5 lbs that he carries (ignore person starting equipment.) He is exceptionally proficient at gathering information from low class areas.

Deso Ratisa

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