Roran Tesh


Roran heads the clan from which the party escaped. They found him at the Dragon’s Den drinking an expensive drug. He proposed a bargain with the group in which he helps each of the members of the party achieve something they hold dear, in exchange for some favors that he claims can make it appear that their escape was part of his elaborate plan all along. He demanded three things from the group:

- Return the documents taken from his clan. (Complete)
- Link Minister Tyber to the future attacks of Durmaruk the Unmeciful. (Several smaller ties established)
- Plant what looks like a holy symbol in the podium of the head church of Kord. (Complete)

In exchange, he offered the following to the group:

- Jaenara: Free her sister from Durmaruk’s clan
- Sigurd: Free his uncle from Nero’s clan (amended to clan in Sim)
- Tove: Free Tia from his own clan
- Tom: A respected title within his church
- John: Favorable Influence with his boss, which holds Roran in very high regard.

He explained the process of creating Ravenous has been revived and improved upon from its original methods. The new breeds are created with a flaw that allows their superiors to feed off them at will and increasing the hunger of the subordinates, effectively enslaving them.

When the furious Sigurd approached him aggressively upon finding out about his uncle’s transfer, Roran flexed by killing several commoners and destroying an area of the street outside of the Dragon’s Den with a look. He says he can still hold up his end of the bargain if Sigurd holds up his.


Roran Tesh

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