Sigurd Bearson


Sigurd Bearson is a man of the north and was born from his mother Asta, the only woman he ever loved. His father, on the other hand, was never around. Sigurd only has vague memories of him and his mother does not like to talk about him. Eventually she remarried, the guy was a nice man in his own right but Sigurd spent little time with him. Sigurd did most of his learning with his own uncle Erlend who always looked after Sigurd and treated him like a son. Erlend had no children of his own and after the death of his first wife died in child birth, he had little motivation to find someone new. Erland still wanted a son to raise and Sigurd had filled this void for him. Erlend taught him how to farm, fish, fight, and ride. Erlend helped him become a man – one that could make him proud. As Sigurd grew older, he became stronger and even as a young one, he shown more strength than most. Many, including himself, believed that he would grow to become a great fighter and that he should join in the raids sooner rather than later. Erlend, on the other hand, wanted to hold Sigurd back from the raids until he knew he was ready for the task. Sigurd despised Erlend for this, everyone saw his strength. He had bested men that had raided for years even at his young age. He wanted to prove himself to Erland and the other men in his land. Erlend knew Sigurd was strong, but he also knew that one needed more than strength to survive in combat.

It was not until Sigurd was sixteen that Erlend finally allowed him to come along to the raid during the spring. When the time came, Sigurd did his part and did it well. After only a few weeks of raiding he was even able to land the killing blow to a well-known fighter on the battlefield. When the summer was nearing its end he had truly proven himself amongst his clans men. This was not the end of his campaign though, for the Yarl leading their raids was looking for volunteers to go south. There was a Lord known as Obadiah on the run that needed mercenaries to aid in the recapture of his lost kingdom from his usurpers. Sigurd thought himself more than ready for the task and volunteered. Erlend was very much against it but pride and desire drove Sigurd to ignore his uncle’s advice. Sigurd believed this is what he was meant to do, it had to be, for it was all he was good at. Erlend knew he could not stop him but he could not let Sigurd kill himself while he still had so much to learn and do, Erlend went with Sigurd with the hope he would not lose another son. It was a long journey south but the gold the Lord offered was more than worth the trip. Unfortunately the Lord Obadiah was not entirely honest with the severity of his situation. What transpired there lead to the loss of many lives. War was entirely different from raiding, it was far worse. When you raid you are attacking churches and towns, when you make war you attack other armies and siege castles. It was difficult for Sigurd but he and his uncle were capable fighters. Even though Sigurd and his other countrymen proved to be a strong asset their numbers were fading along with their chance for victory. It looked as if their time there would be over sooner rather than later but things took a dark turn. During one battle with the usurpers Sigurd came across a man with a golden cape and helm in the midst of combat. The man seeing his platoon defeated threw down his weapon but Sigurd showed no mercy. The fight was still raging on and to spar this man would not stop the others from fighting. Sigurd thought to himself that the man was a fool for not running away. After the battle had concluded it was found that the man in gold was the grandson of the new king. Erlend was furious with Sigurd for his actions after finding out the young lord was attempting to surrender. Sigurd said to Erlend that if the young lord was not brave enough to fight than he should have been fast enough to run. Erlend scolded Sigurd and they would not speak with one another. Not long after the news of this reached the ears of the new king his army was upon the Lord Obadiah’s forces. The retaliation of the King was so fierce that the Obadiah’s army was annihilated along with Sigurd’s Uncle Erlend.

Sigurd survived but he keeps secret as to what transpired that day and how he survived. All he will says is that after the battle he was found and saved by a Dwarf couple, Oswald and Oswind. They were traveling merchants and saved Sigurd from his mortal wounds. The two men needed help traveling the country side while the war was still ragging. Other nobles used this opportunity to take land for themselves and this made traveling difficult for the traders. Once Sigurd was well enough to walk and he had repaid the pair he thanked the two men and set out on a journey back home. Sigurd longed for the North again but how could he return in his current state? He was coming home empty handed, alone, and with a heavy heart. All he wanted to do was prove he was strong and capable, he thought he could do this on the battlefield but war was something a boy should not experience. In his search for honor and glory he lost the closest thing he had to a father. Even with all of Sigurd strength, he was not ready for what the world held in store for him. On his journey home he took up small jobs here and there to survive make the trip a little easier. These jobs have ranged from manual labor to hired muscle and the occasional bandit. He hopes to earn something one of these days that could prove that all the things he has done were worth all that he has gone though. At the least he wants to bring back something of value or a token of a great deed so he does not have to come home with nothing but regret. He is now in the city of Sum looking to prove himself or possibly find a job to earn him the fortune or honor he desires. This was the city of Kord, maybe Sigurd’s strength will finally earn him something of worth.

Sigurd Bearson

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