Unfortunate: this is the word that characterizes the childhood of Tove Cloudcatcher.

Toveran Odelan Kniveran was born in the lower wards of Sinthus to a wonderful mother whose heart was full of love. Unfortunately this love was not meant to be. During childbirth there were several complications leading to the death of Merian Kniveran; the least of which was the child’s surprising size. After laboring several hours Merian gave birth to a child, healthy though strange. She looked upon the child just once and uttered his name before passing from this world and leaving him alone.

The healers noted severe burns to the woman’s insides along with the trauma of childbirth likely caused her death. The child was branded a demon for his strange birth and appearance. Born at almost fifteen lbs with skin colored the palest blue the child was shunned everywhere but the orphanage that was forced to take him in.

Toveran grew much faster than his peers. He had grown to be over six feet before his fourteenth birthday. Even among the half-elves he was a pariah, never given help or understanding, called by those especially disagreeable the Kniveran Kinslayer. As with many of his elven kin he found himself able to use magic.

Again fate frowned on the young man. Toveran found himself totally unable to learn many of the most simple spells taught by the instructor sent to the orphans. Even worse the spells he did learn proved very difficult for him to control, many times he would completely destroy the focus the instructor had given him. Tove was eventually banned from the sessions and told to never use his magic without direct supervision.

On the eve of his fourteenth birthday Toveran’s fate finally smiled upon him.

A deep rumbling woke Toveran. Looking around his room he saw nothing but the other orphans who shared the space with him. Ready to shrug it off as a bad dream and return to slumber a voice spoke.
“Come to me. You know the way.”
The sound was deep and rumbling like boulders crashing together. Toveran felt a surge of energy. He slipped through the orphanage and was soon out of the city; sprinting through the hillside driven to an unknown location by a force as strong as the tide.

Toveran ran for a long while until he came to a bald hill in the middle of an expansive meadow. The pull lessened and Toveran slowed to a walk as he climbed the hill. As he reached the pinnacle thick dark clouds filled the air; the voice sounded again.
“You have grown well. Your training begins now.”

Lightning struck Toveran in the center of his forehead.

Toveran awoke to booming laughter. Opening his eyes he saw a giant looming over him. Standing did nothing to remedy the situation as the giant was easily ten feet taller than himself. For the first time in over a year Toveran looked up to someone. The giant touched Toveran’s head with one large finger. Purple lightning streaked around the giant’s frame and turned blue as it passed over his own.
“I didn’t mean to put you out like that. It’s just the easiest way to bring you up here. I thought you would have unlocked your gift by now, but no matter I’ve done it for you”

Looking at his feet he realized the floor he was standing on was shifting. The room looked as if it was solid marble a beautiful mix of light and dark stone, however the patterns in the stone were constantly shifting and swirling.
“I have no time to dawdle. Now is the time for training. I am Arram and this is my home among the stars. Take care not to step off the grounds or that bolt will be the least of your concern. Oh and I am you’re father. Welcome home.”
Toveran was an eager student to learn from his recently-discovered father, and while his body and natural talents aided him in learning the magic and swordsmanship under his father, his upbringing had developed habits that did not mesh well with the new training exercises. Arram’s first lesson was to instruct Toveran with a greatsword, a weapon that proved to require more strength than Toveran possessed. Arram was a skilled and patient teacher however, and he simply took the weapon and broke it into two halves, allowing Toveran to show his fitnesse with wielding two blades at once. This first lesson gifted Toveran with a confidence he had not felt ever before.

Arram would expand Toveran’s lessons a few years later after he felt Toveran had learned the ways of steel, and instructed him in the ways of the tempest.
“Toveran, you must understand, when you make a mistake in swordplay, you risk nicking yourself with your own blade, when you make a mistake when channeling your power, you risk utterly destroying yourself or others you care about. You must exercise caution with your gift, what you did to those trinkets your past instructors gave to you, could easily happen on a much larger scale.”

Toveran practiced his magic every chance he could, and discovered that by using his own body as a conduit he had more mastery over his talents than a human-based tool could ever grant him. After he had learned to cast spells with somewhat ease, he told his father with pride he was going to go by their family name instead of the name given to him by lesser races. Arram’s face grew somber at his mentioning of this, and reminded him that arrogance has been the downfall of his people for as long as they have existed, and to beware these thoughts.

It was not long after this talk that Arram’s fears had proven correct, as he discovered a slain sheep that had been charred to death. When he questioned Toveran about it, his son explained that he had used the sheep as target practice for testing the greater accuracy of his lightning. If Toveran had killed his mother physically, he had slain his father emotionally. Arram with a heavy heart cast Toveran out, telling him, “Return to the human lands and discover the error of your arrogance”.
Toveran, disappointed in his father not appreciating his skills and aptitude as a student obeyed him, and returned to human lands, looking to the town of Sum to find a way that would prove to his father his confidence was not unwarranted.



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