Session 4: Quelling the Tempest
DM Notes

Jaenara: 4.0
Sigurd: 4.0
Tom: 4.0
John: 3.0

I will write a summary soon.

Session 3: Seduction and Savagery
DM notes

Jaenara: 3.1
Sigurd: 3.1
Tom: 3.1
Tove: 3.1
John: 3.0

Leaving the Study at the Dragon’s Den, John Doe was invited again into the backroom. His agreement to help Roran had yielded a few extra perks from the Mistress of the house.
About that time Jaenara took notice of a very fine dressed elven woman making her way to the study. The beautiful woman held all the markings of Jaenara’s elven network. Jaenara approached her:
“The blessings of earth and sky are upon you.”
“Who sends these blessings?”
After naming herself, Jaenara and the lady Caisys find a table and table. Caisys took out a small sphere and the sounds of the room downed out their voices entirely. Jaenara then explained the elven woman should have some information about her sister and the cult in hopefully a few hours.
Meanwhile, the emaciated Tia informed Tove that thanks to his deal with Roran Tesh, she was released from her fast, but she felt too weak to be able to feed on her own. Tove agreed to help her, he was feeling quite undernourished himself.
Spotting an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, the insightful dwarf Tom convinced the group first head to the market before sending Tove and Tia to tend to their needs. At the market, Tom purchased some robes and holy symbols of St. Cuthbert, god of Minister Tyber, whose name Roran desired sullied.
The drugged and famished duo agreed to Tom’s plan, donned the garb of St. Cuthbert and set out into the town. Tove lured an easy victim into an ally where he easily cut the drunkard down. However, the weakened pair were not as surreptitious as they might have been under normal conditions. Even the drunken revelers in the main streets heard the death throes over the loud celebration. Several party goers moved towards the murder to investigate. Tove made sure the death wasn’t a complete failure and sought to advance his secondary mission. He shouted the praises of St. Cuthbert before running the other way and blending into the crowd and losing the religious paraphernalia.
After another similar failure to make a quiet kill. Tia suggested they bring a victim to the warehouse above the Rakshasha Clan, the workers there always turn a blind eye to the activities of the clan. Following her advice, Tove convinced a final unlucky and unwary party goer to follow them into a trap. There at the warehouse Tove and Tia picked his bones clean; the warehouse workers cleaned the mess.
Feeling much better, Tove returned to Jaenara, Sigurd, and Tom so that they might continue to fulfill their agreement with Roran. They went to the scout out the church of Kord, so that they might determine how to best plant the unknonwn holy symbol. It was still early evening and the front doors were still open. They heard many people talking inside, and following information given to Sigurd by Deso, they moved to the welcoming room where they found a few worshipers and paladins engaged the tales or heroism.
Sigurd and Tom sought to test the meddle of a few of the braggarts by throwing some light insults and shows of strength. Tom entered into a contest of trading blows with a paladin prove their manliness. Tom surprised the holy warrior by both accepting and delivering hits that may have surprised the both of them. Having proved their worth, the group was free to further explore the open areas of the church. They went into the balcony and looked down on a nearly empty congregation hall and ostentatiously decorated stage. There were a few more worshipers and paladins scattered in the great hall and on the opposite of the balcony set the podium the party sought to defile; it was a pearly-white, alabaster-like stone carved with remarkable skill from a single large mineral.
The group went downstairs and Sigurd sought to distract lagging audience while Tom made his way up the steps of the stage. His steps upon the stage were met with hostility from the stewards. Tom tried to explain how his devotion to Zilchus gave him a righteous task that he was performing for them, but the warrior worshipers were not convinced. Angers flared as Tom continued to the podium, getting a proper assessment of its back just prior to the holy men closing the distance between them.
Tom uttered a few words to Zilchus, he felt the strange holy symbol in his possession resonate oddly upon his person. As the followers of Kord attempted to apprehend Tom, they felt the hand of Zilchus constantly interceding on his behalf. Tom made it half way out of the auditorium before one of the pious protectorates managed to grab hold of him firmly. The whole time Tom proclaimed his innocence, but the captor was determined to examine the trespasser more closely. He dragged Tom to the sparring room adjacent to the great hall so that other soldier saints could assist in assessing the nature of the transgression.
Knowing that the unknown holy symbol that they were to hide in the podium could not be found upon them, the group decided to prove their right through might. They went to battle with six sons of Kord. While most of the party chose to incapacitate their advisories, Tove was not so forgiving. Be it his constant need to take life or his simple desire to not have these opponents interfere again, he sought to land deadly blows whenever he got the chance. The last two weakened worshippers threw down their arms, proclaiming the sanctity of the motley heroes. The party allowed them to tend to their wounded as they made their way towards exit via a hall bypassing the main entryway.
Knowing the design of the podium, Jaerara suggested they make a false back for one of the openings in the podium for the unknown symbol to rest behind. Tom’s knowledge of the stone and acumen in the market allowed him to describe the needs quite well to a local stone-crafter. The design was simple and wouldn’t take long.
While in the market, Sigurd heard a voice calling for him through the crowd. Oswind was looking for him. He informed him of a message he was to relay from a masked man. He said he was to tell, Sigurd that his kin was being transferred to the Incubus of Sim as a trainer. Additionally, Oswald and Oswind were tasked to travel to Sim to pick up resources similar to what they had upon their travels to the south where they first met Sigurd. Sigurd informed them he would be traveling with them. The dwarven duo planned to depart by sea after the double full moon festival the following night, and would right back in their caravan by land.
The outraged Sigurd, after attacking a random reveler with an empty bottle, made his way back to Roran and the party followed en tow. The outraged Sigurd accused Roran of failing to hold up his end of the deal in releasing his uncle Erland. Roran, calmly explained that he was both not accustomed to the tone Sigurd was using and unaware of the transfer of his uncle. However, Roran convinced Sigurd that the deal was still intact, and his influence extended to Sim.
Meanwhile Jaenara met once again with Caisys. The sylvan seer told Jaenara that Daramuk and her sister would be at the Orthium Theatre during the double full moon. Additionally, she informed jaenara that Minister Tyber and Misistrix Renna had been sending missives to each other concerning the city’s cult.
Tom had his mind on much more pressing matters. Be it calculation or base instinct, he decided the courtesan Ichira that had taken John into the back room earlier needed a little attention. He booked her for a private room and provided a performance leaving the accomplished escort thinking perhaps she should be paying him. Short of breath but loose of lip, she told Tom about the weapons operation they had exposed to John. They make Eastern weapons in one of the back rooms of the Den and sometimes Ichira herself enchants them. This is outside the terms of agreement for their operation within Sum, so it is their manufacture and not the weapons themselves that are illegal.
Upon leaving, Roran insisted on walking the heroes to the door as they left. After eyeing Sigurd and giving the group a few kind words, he turned his eyes down the street. The ground itself exploded under the feet of a dozen festival goers. Roran returned his gaze to Sigurd and wished the group well.
The group made their way over to the wreckage. Some of the group investigated the disaster area trying to discern what happened, some tried to stabilize some of the fallen citizens as best they could, Tom picked through the pockets of the dead.
Afterwards, they picked up the false back for the podium with which they would conceal the unknown holy symbol, and headed to the church. Back at the church of Kord it was too late for the entry of normal citizens, the doors were locked and most of the lights were out. Jaenara, with a quick flick of her wrist, picked the lock and pushed the door open. The group quietly made their way to the balcony to survey the auditorium. They saw no bodied, but there was a dim light coming from the door leading directly to the stage. The light occasionally flicked in manner that made it hard to tell if there was movement or just an open flame.
The group decided to all head downstairs to the back of the auditorium and let Jaenara sneak up to the podium with the symbol and fake podium back. While maneuvering her way into position without attracting attention, the stone scratched loudly against the podium as she attempted to cover the holy symbol she had planted.
A decorated knight of Kord burst from the adjacent room. The red-handed Jaenara tried to make excuses, but the priest charged her with utter disregard for her words. He struck her twice with solid blows from his hammer which glowed with the light of Kord. Jaenara was barely able to stand let alone fight. She leapt from the stage as her companions rushed forward to defend her. The esteemed servant of Kord fought hard against the group, inflicting divine wrath and pain upon them, but he was simply overwhelmed by their numbers; the warrior fell. The group quickly checked the back plate, then decided to further their smear campaign against Minister Tyber. They decapitated the fallen paladin, and drew the symbol of St. Cuthbert with his blood.

Session 2: Tortuosa Rising
DM: Notes

John: 3
Tove: 3
Tom: 3
Jaenara: 3
Sigurd: 3

As the beaten and bloodied heroes made their way from the warehouse, they found the people on the streets were not so inclined to look the other way at their bloodied bodies as the workers of the warehouse. Richfest was in full swing and the citywide party is invigorated. The smell of sweat and booze helped mask the stench of the battle weary champions, but the many open wounds catch the eye of those sober enough to care.

Tom suggested they make their way to the Market-Church of Zilchus, there they should be able to find the accommodations they need to get back on their feet. A clergyman, Finance Officer Franco, allowed their stay based on some professional courtesy with Tom, but does inform him that their stay will come with interest as they have no liquid funds to account for their stay and makes it clear it doesn’t care for the behemoth of a man Sigurd stinking up his establishment.

The next day Jaenara, Tom, and Sigurd made their way to the docks to find out if Captain Orson had any leads about the men who had taken them, namely the man that he and Tom just made a large delivery to. They found Orson bloodied and bruised. He told the sleuths that their patron and many of his friends had stopped by the ship several hours earlier and had tried to force information about Tom and his whereabouts from him. Finally convinced that Orson knew nothing, the men went on their way, much as Orson suggested that Tom did.

Upon leaving the ship, the group was jumped by lookouts that stayed behind at the ship. Three very feral figures lashing out tooth and nail at the crew landed several nasty blows, but ultimately proved inferior to new friends. It was suggested that one be kept alive for information, but a well placed arrow through the throat ended any chance of that happening.

Looking for other resources to tap and somewhere to unload their newly acquired goods, the group made their way back to the market. Amongst the revelers they managed to find Oswind and Oswald, traveling salesmen who had previously crossed the southern branch of the continent with Sigurd. They told of their recent success in an application for reduced tariffs in Sum, making their travels both north and south of the city much more lucrative and they also let slip some apprehension and shame concerning Sigurd’s kinsmen. They admitted to carrying more bodies, as they first perceived Sigurd, from the battles to the south in Sum where they were sold to man matching the description Tom was looking for. One of the bodies fit the description of Sigurd’s fallen uncle Erlend. While Sigurd was quite enraged by their actions, he held both his emotions and blade in check. In an attempt to make good on their perhaps shady dealings, they offered a hefty sum of money for the gear and stolen art the party had recently acquired; noting that the art had an oddity of many figures being depicted with outward facing palms, something that seems to sell well in the Eastern end of the continent.

When pressed about places they had seen the man responsible for the purchase of bodies, they named a few places, but directed the party to the Ivory Horse Bar and Brothel as the most common place they had seen him. Following their advice, the party set out for the Ivory horse to find many daytime drunks celebrating Richfest. While at the bar, Tom took notice of a bouncer near a back door that had markings similar to that of Sigurd. After discerning from the barkeep that all the bars and their security are handled by Ministrix Renna, he brought the bouncer to Sigurd’s attention.

Upon approach, the very chiseled and battle hardened man guarding the door near broke into tears. Sigurd’s uncle was standing before him and they embraced each other firmly. Erlend explained that Niro, the man they were looking for was acting as a sort of recruitment center for the near dead, or perhaps full dead. Once the new recruits reawake they have a strong hunger that Niro manipulates to force them to do his will. He advised the group to flee from this place, but upon Sigurd would not be swayed from vengeance. Niro explained that currently Niro has too many men under his control, but once trained, many of the move under the control of different clans. Other clan leader, Roran Tesh, seems not quite so pig headed as Nero, and he has witnessed firsthand that Roran will sometimes act contrary to the goals of the other clans. Erlend suggested that perhaps Roran, often know to frequent the Dragon’s Den Smokehouse may be their best bet. Sigurd vows to free Erlend from the Grip of Nero and heads out to find Roran.

After a brief stop back at Franco’s to bandage up and collect Tove and John, they made their way to the Dragon’s Den. A female of far eastern decent guarded the front door with a large curved blade and scroll. John explained that they must first sign the scroll stating that they wave all liability of the Dragon’s Den should anything happen to them while in the establishment. Upon entering, the hallways forked both left and right. John told the others that to the left were drugs that made people more visceral and prone to fights, to the right were the more mellow rooms. Tove, excited by the notion pressed the group to travel left. Inside they found a nasty room referred to as the “The Pit.” It had stone floors stained with blood and brown spit. There was a haze of smoke in the room, dishes of some sort of chew, and a few colored beverages. A man lay in the corner, beaten to unconsciousness, was being tended to by a medic.

A braggart immediately insulted and challenged the newcomers to a fight when they entered. But John was more concerned with an emaciated figure in the far corner. He identified her as the woman that helped them escape the night before, but she was practically all skin and bones, lips dried and cracked.

Tove, Jaenara, and Sigurd moved closer to speak with the woman. Tia told the group that she couldn’t hide her betrayal and this was her punishment. She wasn’t allowed to feed and her metabolism had been accelerated. She just hoped that she would be allowed to live.

There was a man standing next to her, who Tia said was meant to ensure she didn’t feed. Outraged at this, Tove challenged the man to a battle in the Pit. Taking a few strong hits from a hand rolled cigarette, the man stepped to the center. Tove, not really know what the man had smoked but assuming it must help made a quick order of what he was having and power hit it before entering the bloodied center square. Tove felt energized, strong, and a little on edge, ready unleash upon someone. However, before he could take a swing, the man center stage took a swing at Tove. Tove dodged left, exposing the right side of his neck where the man took viscous bite. The teeth felt like acid on crawling on Tove’s throat and he quickly fell to the ground.

Looking as if the aggressor had no intention of stopping, Tom stepped in a blindsided the man with a bash to back of his head. Surrounded by Tove’s friends and the crowd yelling “dirty fight” everyone settled their adrenaline. Medics tended to Tove and got him back to his feet, but he seemed to have taken an awkward fall that left him with a bit of limp. Tia offered him a blue beverage to help ease the pain. Tove then felt no pain. Tove felt quite pleasant.

After a bit more posturing and Tia insisting that she must fulfill her punishment, the crew made their way to safer grounds. On the other side of the Den, things seemed to cater to a much more internally satisfied crowd. The room was lined with couches and chairs. A much more pleasant smell of smoke filled the air. Decorated hookahs lined most of the tables. An archway to another room was on one wall and a decorated door with screening window was set into the opposite wall. John approached the decorated door and knocked upon it. A Far Eastern woman opened the window who seemed to know John, but was a bit concerned about the extra company. John explained that one other of her friends needed to enter as there was a matter concerning Roran Tesh that needed to be discussed. Immediately the door swung open but Jaenara, as well as Tom and John entered the room. This caused a bit of alarm, as the agreement was for only two to enter. After words soothed the situation, Konno explained that Roran was present now in the “Study,” and they were free to speak with him. However, Konno make it very clear that Roran was very well respected here and brought in a lot of business. He was not to be assaulted or insulted in any way. Additionally, the questions that Tom had about him concerning what sounded like necromancy, if she was understanding him properly, were very much insulting in nature. As the party left, Konno asked John to stay behind for a few words.

The new compatriots made their way from primary smoke room through the archway to a similar room. It much resembled the last but in addition to the smoke there were tables with powders and mushrooms. A man with a bandaged eye shouted from across the room and dashed towards them, one arm flapping helplessly as he ran. The man, Deso, was once a soldier for hire that fought alongside Sigurd under his uncle’s command. Deso was a very loose lipped and crude individual, that while singing the praises of Sigurd seemed to make little effort to not offend his companions. Deso tried to barter with a hostess on the price of some drug on behalf of his war hero, but Sigurd assured him that was not needed.

They proceeded to the Study where they found the first smoke free room in building. There was fancy furniture and shelves of books, everyone was either reading or writing. Immediately the group spotted Roran and he spotted them. He laughed and made a comment about always being able to spin a loss into a victory. As the party approached Roran, Tove instead went to a hostess and asked for the drink Roran was drinking. After pouring the thick blueish brandy into a glass, she asked for 500 gold. Quite taken aback, Tove explained that he didn’t have the means to pay for the drink. The hostess, now quite hostile suggested that Tove would perhaps be more comfortable in The Pits.

With everyone then gathering around Roran, he paid for Tove’s drink, which made him feel as if electricity was coursing through his veins and his magic was begging to leap from his fingers. Roran confirmed much of what Erlend had told Sigurd and elaborated a bit more on the structure of the organization. He said that they had made him look bad with his escape, but that he could spin the situation to his favor if he could sell it to his partners that he could use the group better as perceived escapees than initiates, then it could still work in his favor. To do this he required the party return the documents they had taken from him, besmirch the name of Minster Tyber in Sim; claim he had affiliation with a coming attack on Sum, and hide an unknown holy symbol in the podium of Kord in town. In exchange he would release several loved ones from the grip of the cult and promised occupational growth to those who didn’t have people they cared about within the cult. However, he explained that Jaenara’s sister was currently in the employ of the wreckless Durmaruk, who would be sewing chaos in Sum shortly. It would be up to the group and not Roran to ensure that she survived that attack in order for Roran to hold up that end of his bargain.

After a bit of discussion, everyone seemed on board and they headed out to fulfill their new tasks. They left the study and spoke once again to Deso, gathering information on the Church of Kord; preparing to set out on the mission that Roran had presented them.

session 1: Jaenara's thoughts

Where could she be? Its not like her to leave for so long. Did someone harm her? I need to find out – she is my everything!!
Maybe someone in town knows? I will spy on and follow some of the patrols guarding the border.

While out on rounds I see 2 men acting a bit suspect and follow them. I see them enter a teleportation circle in the northern woods of my territory. Blinded by my longing to find out anything about her, I follow them. This proved to be even worse than expected. I found myself snatched and beaten. When I woke, I was in a cell with a few others completely naked. This is a state I don’t normally mind being in, but usually it is my doing! What is this? Who are these people? Why am i here with them??

The others are naked as well… a quick look seems to prove a dwarf named Tom to be the manliest (if you know what I mean <wink>). He seems a nice fellow as do the others at first.
John seems to be in the worst condition of us all. He barely speaks while we introduce ourselves. He huddles in his corner and hardly moves.
Sigurd, a large barbarian type is hard to keep my eyes away from although his stature, and build is somewhat intimidating. At times, I try to steal glances of him and have often caught him doing the same.
Tove is in a cell by himself. He appears to be human from what I can gather. Oddly, he seems to have been spared the brutality we others have faced.
We are an odd group to round up, however we did have one thing in common. Tied to our wrists were keys with numbers on them. We could not make a connection to anything or any lock in the room, so we knew they had to come in handy later??

At the end of our cages a skeleton stands guard, while he does not move, we fear he is not just an ornament.
a woman walks in and whispers to Tove as she hands him something. She quickly leaves. We must have all and the same inquisitive looks on our faces, as he quickly offers an explanation. He states he entered the area under “friendly” terms, but as our hosts went through the day, their minds had been swayed into believing him to be a traitor. The woman was identified as Tia, a member of the clan. She told him that the clan would be leaving for an hour and aided his escape by providing tools to pick his lock. She must not have known him well as he had no idea how to use them! What a silly goose!! I told him that he if he allowed me to open my gate, i would free him as well. Mention of another “the professor” is heard and Tom seems to know something about this person.
Tove quickly throws over the tools. I had to show off a bit…i mean really…how can you not know how to open lock!
As I open the door with ease, the skeleton “comes to life” and charges the gates we are in. As we fend him off and I notice that Tove doesn’t fight quite right for a human. His use of his hands are somewhat beastly. Good thing as another skeleton comes at us. As we fight it off Tom takes a look around the corner. Something must have scared him as he came running back to the room like a scared little child.

Once the skeletons are defeated I unlock Tove as promised, and after we gather what gear we can scrounge from them, we make our way to find an exit. Tove seemed to know his way around well as he navigated us around the compound. We go through several rooms and are able to come across a dining room with 3 powerful skeletons (one flaming and 2 others). They were formidable foes, but then again, we were still naked!! Had we had our gear they wouldn’t have stood a chance. With them out of the way , we stabilize our fallen and collect more of their gear.
Tom must be having one hell of a party soon as he took a bunch of plates and silverware. We continue on to what appears to be a study. What is this?? 4 arms and no sense! My what strange creatures they have in here. Defeat of this creature did not come quickly. Although, it seems like we were more easily taken out. several of us fell but were quick to get back on their feet. after defeating this creature he spent a bit of time looking around.
I’m noticing my new friends seem to like to take things that don’t belong to them. Weapons while naked is understandable but dishes and now tapestries and documents?
A secret door led to a shrine and beyond that we are led to a room that contained lockers. The locker numbers matched the keys we wore. We all took the time to don our gear and heal ourselves.
After dressing and feeling a whole bunch better, We were led into a lounge containing a minotaur skeleton who greeted us unkindly. We certainly couldn’t let him live after that!

What a day…and what were we thinking? We had a way out…a clear path.. and what did we want to do…explore!! As we left, we decided to take a look into a room none of us had been in. This proved to be a mistake. We walked into a shit storm! 2 suits of armor became animated and attacked. Good thing my new friend know when to bail as I would have kept fighting to the death, which was almost the case. I went unconscious as i felt the grasp of someone pulling me out of harms way. Could it be my strong barbarian?

Session 1: A Strange Place.
Sigurd's thoughts.

I thought they were just muggers but they wanted me for something, slavery was the first thing in my mind when I woke naked in my cell with the others. A few of them look like fighters but the one in the corner was too fucked up to even speak. It was not long till we started speaking to one another and I found they all had some part in what ever was going on here. I am so confused about why i’m here but sheer anger for my captures helped me ignore the questions filling my head. A gorgeous woman gave us a way out and the elf worked the lock. I could not help but look at her while she worked the lock. As the door opened I charged the guards and took what I could from their bony bodies. Things looked up from the easy escape but there were too many to take on my own, I was luck to be locked up with such capable fighters. The dwarf Thomas and Tove, what ever he is, were tough men, even the elf proved to be helpful. I told myself that I had to drink with these people once we got out. Tove got our stuff back and we could finally get dressed, again I found my self staring at the elf. I tried to play it off like I was not but she noticed me. We kept moving, fighting, and nearly dying. It was not long before we all nearly died, from my count it happened at least three times in less than thirty minutes. After dozens of skeliton bastred we ran into some living armor. I was ready to run but after all these people did for me I could not run away, not again. I charged in and imediatly went down. John brought me up and we all agreed we needed to leave. In the end I got some nice new armor but I am carrying the elf, uh Jaenara, I don’t know how much more I can take before I meet my uncle in Hel.

Session 1: Detainment and Degradation
DM Notes

John: 2.2
Tom: 2.2
Sigurd: 2.2
Jaenara: 2.2
Tove: 2.2

Two prison cells lined the sides of the room. One cell contained a large, chiseled, northerner. Next to him was a rather slender, dark haired man with eyes betraying many more years than his face. Included among them was a somewhat unkempt dwarven man with sandy hair and beard. Finally amongst them stood a petite, dark-haired elven woman with exceptionally fair skin and the look of the wild. For all their differences, what they had in common was that they all looked severely beaten, and they were stripped of all their clothes and other personal belongings. In exchange for their things, a single numbered key had been tied to each of their arms.

Outside of the cell could be seen a single skeleton sentry and another cage. Inside that cage stood another man; who while stripped as those in the primary cage, he lacked all the other signs of physical trauma across their bodies.

While raising questions for all, the dwarf, who identified himself as Thomas Weld, humble servant of Zilchus, seemed to study the man in the opposing cell much more intently.

The northerner, Sigurd, in an attempt to learn more about their predicament explained that he had been jumped in an alleyway for what he first thought was gambling money. He questioned the fellow prisoners about a man named Erlend with hope in his voice, but it was to no avail. The prisoners claimed no knowledge for him on the matter.

The elven woman, Jaenara, said that she too was looking for someone. She had been searching for her sister in the forest around Pelson when she tracked suspicious figures to a teleportation circle. On the other side, she found herself quickly apprehended and delivered to what she now understands to be a prison in Sum.

Weak from his apparent beating, John Doe did not care to share any details of himself, or his capture.

After a few moments of discussion, a black-haired woman approached the prisoner in the solitary cage. She handed him something as he asked, “Why are you helping me?” Without her speaking, the man seemed as if he were both listening intently and satisfied with her response.

The lone man identified himself to the other prisoners as Tove, and the woman that came in as Tia Vancer. He tried to explain that the people who had captured them had originally thought him to be a friend, but they decided that ultimately he was not like them and he must be imprisoned. Tove explained that he had seen much of the hideout and he knew where their belongings were being kept. Additionally, Tia had just given him a set of lock picks and told him a time frame that the group would be gone to meet an important figure know as The Physician. However, Tove wasn’t confident in his ability to use the picks and sought help from the larger group.

When Tove explained that it was time, he tossed the picks across the room. Jaenara snatched them from the air and with a quick flick of the wrist the cell door flew open. The deathly still skeleton sprung to life and charged towards the open door stabbing at the prisoners in the open cell. Sigurd rushed the animated bones and slammed them against Tove’s still locked cage.

Tove clawed and threw blasts of energy from his fingers as Sigurd put his fist through the face of the initial guard. After taking down the two undead guards and unlocking the second cell. The group took the weapons from the twice fallen foes and moved through the hideout.

Tove did guide the group accurately through the rooms and halls and into a secret chamber that contained lockers with their personal effects. Along the way, there were many more undead fiends to block the travel of the naked and barely armed escapees. Some skeletons made of fire, some with extra arms and claws. After several bloody battles and finally acquiring supplies, Tom and John Doe were then able heal their badly beaten accomplices.

The group collected various forms of art and documentation about the personal affairs of several well known politicians, but they didn’t want to spend much time in such a deadly place, and they made a bee line for where Tove described an exit. Along the way they encountered more skeletons, one much larger with massive horns.

Seeing the exit and feeling the rush of excitement, or perhaps the loss of blood, the group decided to explore one of the unknown doors close to the exit. Behind it they found all type of clothing and armor; it varied on a rack like one might expect backstage at a theatre.

Continuing on the next room they saw a door with a peep hole two suits of heavy armor. The armor however, was yet more mindless guards left to protect the home while the guild was away. The thick metal suits beat several of the thieves unconscious, but through a concerted effort of healing and carrying fallen comrades, the group was able to make their way back to the exit they had discovered.

Bloodied, barely standing, and carrying what they hoped to be Jaenara and Tove’s still breathing bodies, Tom, John, and Sigurd found themselves coming though a secret door of a warehouse; one that contained several workers doing their best to act as if nothing odd was happening.


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