Character Creation

Normal point buy for stats and standard life gain per level, no rolling.

Start at level 2…in case you have to bitch slap a peasant. I don’t really have an end cap in mind yet, games I have run in the past have lasted between 5-15 levels mostly depending on outside availability.

I am still adding content for the map to give you information of the land. Your characters should be in or around Sum at the start of the story. It is nearing the double full moon of richfest and an massive celebration is underway. Your reasons for being there are up to you. More details to follow on this front.

All official WotC material is available for character creation. However, if you are planning out some combo and think to yourself that it looks sketchy, I ask you to run it by me first so there are no surprises on how it works. I am open to Unearthed Arcana or 3rd party stuff with prior approval.

Please provide me a backstory for your character. The more backstory you give me, the more I can weave your story into the story we are actively playing.

Reskin at will. While this is in the book as the norm, I wanted to reiterate it and even expand a bit; if you have a really cool reskinning idea that requires a little mechanical tweak, I am willing to work with you.

If you want to make characters that know each other before the story begins that is great, but at a minimum make characters that want to work with the party. This is not to say you must always agree with each other, in fact I am certain there will be times that you won’t. But if you can’t find a reason for your character to be in the party, it turns NPC and you need to create a new one.

Greyhawk gods are the deities of the land. If you draw divine magic from a god, pick one of these guys. This was chosen due to the fact it was the default 3.5 pantheon and I think there is the best chance of people being familiar with them.

While some locations will be very tolerant of all types of people, realize that some races/practitioners will automatically draw prejudice in some areas. In some cases, this could lead to needing to hide your race or abilities completely in certain areas. This is just a warning more than a rule for character creation.

Natural flight was my only real concern on limits for character creation. As such, I think a good fix would be that when you are naturally flying, your own weight counts towards your carrying capacity. If you decide to go flying Tiefling, you should probably look at the previous point again too :P

Eldritch Knights and Arcane Tricksters can pick the schools that are always available instead of the automatic assignments from the PHB.

Sorcerers get one additional spell known per spell level from the sorcerer list that relates to your bloodline. If you are having problems fitting the flavor for a level, I will work something out with you to make it happen.

Your pets can only attune to magic items that make sense for their body types and capabilities. Early in the game magic item availability will be very light so this won’t come up for a while.

Extra Character Building Resources. Please discuss with me prior to use of specific DM’s Guild resources. Most of what I added here I would be very comfortable with players using.

SCAG classes
Swarm Druid
Pilgrimage Paladin
Chronomancy Wizard
Bard of Mourning
Kensai Monk
Genie Blood Sorcerer no extra blood spells from house rule

SCAG races
Variant Elves

SCAG backgrounds
Additional Backgrounds

Additional Feat options

Character Creation

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