Sum is a centralized city on the continent of Yi’Lillith. Like its sister city Sim, it is a major trading hub for goods across the land. Unlike its sister city, its focus on fairness and bartering has diminished slightly over the years in favor tariffs on the goods sold and entertainment for all the traveling merchants that after long distances find themselves with extra money in their pockets.

The primary devotion in the town is given to Kord, at least in lip service. Minister Auren is figurehead of both the city and the church of Kord. This title is a legacy of a time where conquest of this key trading point held extreme prestige. Conquest led to sport, and sport led to other entertainment. While there is still a need to defend the very lucrative rights to this land, the leisure and decadence has also started to thrive among the powerful blades that protect them.

As such, Olidammara has developed quite the following in Sum. Even many of the more hardened followers of Kord have learned to sate pent up aggression in the bars and brothels that have sprung up everywhere. Ministrix Renna, not only owns most of the establishments of vice in town, she holds the highest title among followers of Olidammara that many will ever knowingly meet. Many citizens think of her as the true leader of Sum.

The Insight Ledger, published here in Sum, is one of the the most well-known modern publications in circulation on the continent. While its stories primarily focus on events in Sum such as its politicians, events, crimes, and ads for local businesses, it tends to make its way to other cities. The goings on in Sum provide meaty gossip for even those who don’t live there.


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