Jaenara Oethea


Jaenara Oethea comes from a well known family in Pelson, which is to say they have some level of political connection in Sinthus. Jaenara herself is a member of the north-eastern patrol, but she isn’t the common grunt. As an Oethea she tends to find herself more on watches closer to home, which affords her more opportunity to stay apprised on Pelson-Sinthus affairs. Rather than direct warfare, Jaenara handles scouting, gathering intelligence, and taking out similar lone operatives.

During a scheduled patrol, Jaenara opted to tend to the political demands of Thatius Mennacan, who was putting pressure on her family. Jaenara’s sister instead made her rounds, and subsequently became one of a growing number of missing patrolmen. While it has never been uncommon for members of the patrol to not make it home, it is only recently that so many bodies are completely missing.

Jaenara, feeling deeply responsible for her sister, has set out on a personal mission to retrieve, or avenge, her sister at all costs.


Jaenara Oethea

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