Miniva Oethea


Sister of Jaenara Oethea. She was under the control of Durmaruk the Unmeciful until she was presumably liberated during his attack on Sim during the Double Full Moon Festival.


Miniva the Ravenous Archer (3 injury boxes)
Cover Fire (1/Encounter). Reduce the movement of target creature without cover that is within 10’ to 150’ of you to zero. Use this ability on the creature’s turn that you target.
Sniper’s Eye. Miniva can spend inspiration to inflict maximum damage upon your target. Treat your next ranged attack roll as a natural 20.
Tactical Positioning (1/Day) If Miniva is loyal, she will feint to give you a better position. You are treated as if you had taken the Disengage action. She has a 50% chance of taking injury from using this ability.

Miniva must regularly feed or lose loyalty.

Miniva Oethea

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