Session 1: A Strange Place.

Sigurd's thoughts.

I thought they were just muggers but they wanted me for something, slavery was the first thing in my mind when I woke naked in my cell with the others. A few of them look like fighters but the one in the corner was too fucked up to even speak. It was not long till we started speaking to one another and I found they all had some part in what ever was going on here. I am so confused about why i’m here but sheer anger for my captures helped me ignore the questions filling my head. A gorgeous woman gave us a way out and the elf worked the lock. I could not help but look at her while she worked the lock. As the door opened I charged the guards and took what I could from their bony bodies. Things looked up from the easy escape but there were too many to take on my own, I was luck to be locked up with such capable fighters. The dwarf Thomas and Tove, what ever he is, were tough men, even the elf proved to be helpful. I told myself that I had to drink with these people once we got out. Tove got our stuff back and we could finally get dressed, again I found my self staring at the elf. I tried to play it off like I was not but she noticed me. We kept moving, fighting, and nearly dying. It was not long before we all nearly died, from my count it happened at least three times in less than thirty minutes. After dozens of skeliton bastred we ran into some living armor. I was ready to run but after all these people did for me I could not run away, not again. I charged in and imediatly went down. John brought me up and we all agreed we needed to leave. In the end I got some nice new armor but I am carrying the elf, uh Jaenara, I don’t know how much more I can take before I meet my uncle in Hel.


Sitri Sitri

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