The Thremico’atians, more commonly referred to as The Ravenous, are often seen as a dangerous and bestial group who is best avoided. This is due in small part to their gypsy lifestyle and in large part to their diet. The Ravenous feed exclusively on raw meat and are notorious for cannibalism. When well fed, The Ravenous can pass for gaunt humans, but the longer they go without eating, the more they take on a sickly form that would indicate a terminal disease or death in normal humans. Sirens were born from necromantic experiments to reanimate and emulate normal humans, but over time a sub-sect devolved into what are known as Devourers. They tend to stay in small clans that attack travelers or lure unsuspecting victims into isolated areas where they can gang up and feed on them. In times of dire need, they are known to even eat themselves; typically picking off all but a few Sirens or the weaker Devourers first.

Ability Score Increase. The Ravenous have a very high metabolism, and as such tend to move very quickly. Your Dexterity score increases by 2.

Age. With the exception of the many Ravenous that starve, the lifespan of The Ravenous is similar to that of humans.

Alignment. Their constant need to consume flesh to survive tends to push The Ravenous towards evil alignments.

Size. You are a medium sized creature.

Movement. Your movement speed is 35’ while not wearing heavy armor. If wearing heavy armor, your movement speed is reduced to 30’.

Tooth and Nail. You can make unarmed attacks with your hands at 1d6 plus STR or DEX modifier. Your mouth can open to about three times the size of that of a human, this allows you to make a bite attack at 1d6 plus STR modifier up to once per round. You are proficient with these attacks. You are not granted extra attacks by this feature.

Born of Death. Either due to your ancestors’ dark origins or extreme diet, you have a great tolerance to most ailments that plague other living creatures. You are immune to both disease and poison.

Human Likeness. Your physical similarities often lead to people mistaking you for human. While not suffering a penalty from Eternal Hunger, you appear Human.

Eternal Hunger. To stay well nourished you must continually feed on raw meat. You need to consume three pounds of raw meat every day or you begin to feel your body start to weaken. Each day without feeding, you must make a DC 10 Constitution Save or you gain one level of deterioration; this DC increases by 1 for each day you go without feeding. Each level of deterioration causes you to lose one Recovery Hit Die and others can recognize your true race with a DC 13 Perception (WIS) check. If you would lose a Recovery Hit Die you do not have, instead gain a level of exhaustion and the DC to detect your race reduces to 10. It takes The Ravenous about 2 minutes to consume three pounds of raw flesh from a creature that is unconscious or dead less than a day. After a day, the meat is generally too spoiled to provide the full nourishment they need. Only feeding can reduce the penalties from Eternal Hunger, and each three pounds of meat consumed reduces deterioration by one level.

Languages. You speak common.

Devourer subrace

Ability Score Increase. Devourers are the brute force of their groups. Your Strength score increases by 1.

Toxic Enzymes. Your mouth secretes fluids that help in dissolving your meals in your mouth. Your bite attack deals an additional 1d4 necrotic damage. Creatures without exposed flesh are immune to this damage.

Frenzied Feeding. You gain +1 on melee attack rolls and your bite attack scores a critical hit on 19 or 20. If you are suffering from exhaustion due to Eternal Hunger, ignore the first 3 levels and increase the critical range of your bite to 18. Treat every round that you use this ability as if you went a day without feeding. You may end this ability at the end of any one of your turns, but you may not activate it again until you feed and finish a long rest.

Siren subrace

Ability Score Increase. Sirens have an unnatural charm to lure meals to more desirable locations. Your Charisma score increases by 1.

Call to the Grave. If you and another person engage in one on one conversation for at least one minute, you gain advantage on CHA based skill checks for that person during the conversion.

Faces of Death. You can take on many of the physical characteristics of any humanoid you eat. This is a polymorph effect that can mimic all superficial physical features except height, gender, and excessive weight of the individual you consume. You do not gain any special abilities from this change. You change back to your natural form as a standard action or if you are exhausted. Since you take the form of another humanoid, ignore Human Likeness and other creatures cannot determine your true race while this ability is active.

Consume Thoughts. You can eat the undamaged brain of a humanoid that has been dead no longer than a day. When you do, the DM will provide you with a simple thought the creature considered important shortly before death. You may ask a simple question that must contain some detail from previous thought. You receive an answer the best the creature could have provided in a sentence or less; it comes to you as a new thought. Repeat this process one more time using a detail from the second thought. You may use this ability once per day if you haven’t suffered from Eternal Hunger within the last 24 hours. If you do not share a language with the creature, your responses come in the form of simple images rather than sentences.


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